Putting the “Ahhh” in Massage Tables

Having a “spa day” is usually synonymous with luxurious smelling products, rounds of pampering from head to toe, soothing sounds and often included, the well-deserved massage. You shouldn’t have this full body rub-down on a pool table hard surface. You might, but seriously it wouldn’t be remotely as comfortable as the table constructed specifically for massage. No massage therapist in their right mind would stay in business long, if not for their skills and massage tables.

Most Important Piece of Equipment

Massage has been around for centuries used for pain relief, muscle soothing, intimacy and as a means to flush toxins from the body. If the massage therapist is the heart of body manipulation, then the table is the soul. It should feel like slipping into a nicely cushioned cocoon of sorts, with ample, well-fitted sheets for coverage, a padded headrest (though some tables come without) and enough length for your feet not to stick out of it.

Your therapist’s room should feel secretive yet be inviting, with ambiance directing of a mini-getaway which is all about you. The table is key to these surroundings as it is where the magic begins.

Different Types of Beds

A true massage professional knows their stuff, has obtained the proper schooling, licensing and hands-on practice.They also realize there are different beds to perform varied styles of body work. There are those which are hydraulic, raising and lowering when required. Beds to perform Reiki, Thai manipulations, non-moving beds aka stationary tables, massage chairs and even tables with “zero- gravity.” Costs can also range from the low hundreds to thousands of dollars, especially if it’s a type found in chiropractor’s offices, or made of certain rare materials, with a nice list of features. All of these items are taken into consideration before a professional makes a purchase because the table tells all about one’s practice.

Ambiance is King

Along with the table comes the oils, sheets, music, and lighting to encapsulate the entire experience into one you won’t likely forget, want to tell all your friends about and want to recapture soon. Massage body workers are one of the many true healing practitioners out there using the positive power of touch to rid the body of unwanted stress and aches. Where you lay your body down has as much effect on the mind and soul as the talent kneading, rubbing and stroking your tired bones.